MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2016 – دورة


Instruction Language: Arabic

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This course serves as a preparation for the examination MOS – Microsoft Office Excel 2016 (Exam 77-727). You will get familiarised in it with the Excel 2016 environment and its documents and you will learn to control them. You will learn in each lesson to create tables step by step. You will find out how to enter values correctly into the cells and how to set the cell formatting, including conditional formatting. You will learn to manipulate each cell and cell range, you will learn to work with worksheets and entire files. You will create a chart and learn to create calculations by basic arithmetic formulas. You will broaden your knowledge by the application of logical and text functions. You will get acquainted with the principles of referencing to the values in other cells. You will learn to fill cells with series of data. You will familiarise yourself with the advanced options of sorting and filtering data or searching for specific values in extensive tables. You will also examine how to split longer text entries in tables into individual data placed into several columns. You will also familiarise yourself with the usage of macros, including their creation and editing and you will examine the options of macro security.