Codecademy – Technology & Developer


With the incredible pace of change in the world of IT, it is imperative that IT organizations institute “continuous learning” for all IT staff.

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IT professionals need to constantly update their skills to meet the changing needs of their organizations, from on-the-job troubleshooting to the most pressing IT/Cybersecurity concerns.  Unlock the power of technology training and unlock your expertise in core coding skills, cloud, cybersecurity, web development, and AI.

Codecademy – Technology and Developer

Take advantage of the most hands-on and comprehensive technology-skilling solution for proactive transformation.  This courseware is robustly designed across critical technology solution areas and continuously developed to keep up with constantly changing technologies and related professional certifications.  The program addresses the formal and informal learning needs of the technology and developer professionals in large enterprises or smaller organizations. The course includes several task-based multi-path practice scenarios to provide realistic use of technology products or applications.

The critical Technology Solution Areas include:

  • Software Development and Design
  • Internet and Network Technologies
  • Operating Systems and Server Technologies
  • Big Data and Database Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Web Design and Development

The program enables you to:

    • Adapt to tech changes as they occur
    • Protect and scale business-critical production environment
    • Quickly advance employee expertise
    • Minimize the time away from the job
    • Customize training content